Alex Soojung Kim Pang

Senior Consultant

Alex Soojung Kim Pang

I study people, technologies, and the worlds they make. Since 2000 I've worked as a technology forecaster and futurist, helping companies understand new technologies and global trends, and their strategic and business implications. I'm also a writer. My newest book, SHORTER: HOW COMPANIES ARE REDESIGNING THE WORKDAY AND REINVENTING THE FUTURE uses design thinking to explain how companies in a variety of industries and countries are moving to 4-day weeks. It’s a sequel to my 2016 book REST: WHY YOU GET MORE DONE WHEN YOU WORK LESS, which explores the hidden role rest plays in the success of super-creative and -productive people. My earlier book, THE DISTRACTION ADDICTION, deals with technology, addiction, and distraction. Together, they have been translated into 14 languages.

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PRESENTATIE VAN Alex Soojung Kim Pang

Senior Consultant


Plenair: Redesigning the workday

Wanneer: 2019-06-04 om 09.20 uur
Podium: Limousin 2

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